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​SPion® defines a new category of ion optical components that did not exist before. Similar to optical fibers that contain and guide photons in a flexible path, SPion® contains and guides ions in a flexible path. 

SPion® enables making totally new mass spectrometry technologies —like a SUPER Mass Spec™.

a flexible one. 

SPion® is an ion guide,

What makes SPion® truly unique is its flexibility —it is the world's first and only flexible ion guide. Aside from flexibility, SPion® has a number of additional unique features: the ion transfer is lossless in a wide range of m/z, there is no theoretical limit on how long SPion® can be, and the ion transfer is extremely fast —close to the speed of sound. 


Ion transfer mechanism

The electrodes inside SPion® allow for the application of radio frequency voltages to create electric fields that prevent ions (in a wide m/z range) from contacting the inner wall during transmission at sub-ambient pressures. In a sense, ions glide inside SPion® at the speed of sound. 

Interested in learning more? 

Here are a technical note.

SPion System™: Introduction and Performance Evaluation

In this technical note, SPion System™ is introduced, some application areas are proposed, and the results of a proof-of-principle demonstration of SPion System™ in conjunction with Thermo Fisher’s TSQ Altis triple quadruple mass spectrometer are presented.

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