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The new era of mass spec.

For nearly over a century, mass spectrometery has played a fundamental role in our understanding of universe. The application of mass spectrometry has constantly evolved over the years —from discovery of protons nearly hundred years ago to a powerful tool to study proteins, mass spectrometers have been able to solve some of the most challenging need for scientific measurment that no other tool was available. 

In the past decade, the development of mass spectrometers has advanced rapidly in terms of resolution, accuracy, sensitivity, and scan speed. The improved performance has provided an opportunity to extend the use of mass spectrometry to entirely new set of applications.   


We speak mass spec.

At Trace Matters, we are developing next generations of advanced and high-performance mass spectrometry technologies that will facilitate the use of mass spectrometers in the emerging and novel applications. Our technologies enable the development of new novel mass spectrometry technologies including SUPER Mass Specs™ for biomarker discovery, hand-held probes for surgical margin analysis, multimodal imaging stations for in vivo studies, and streamlined sample preparation platforms for high and massive throughput screening.

What sets us apart.

Our unique IP along with our deep scientific expertise in mass spec instrumentation sets us apart. 

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