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June 8, 2021



Somerville, Massachusetts–June 8, 2021–Trace Matters Scientific in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific successfully demonstrated the proof-of-principle for SPion™ Technology for mass spectrometry. For the experiments conducted at Thermo Fisher’s San Jose office, SPion™ Technology was coupled to Thermo Fisher’s TSQ Altis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, one of the world’s most sensitive mass spectrometers on the market. The experimental results acquired using standard calibration solutions confirmed that SPion™ delivers excellent analytical performance, and can efficiently transfer ions in both positive and negative mode in a wide mass range.


As an award winner from NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, SPion™ is a revolutionary mass spectrometry technology that defines a new architecture for the front end of a mass spectrometer. Empowered by the world’s first and only flexible ion guide for lossless ion transfer, SPion™ seamlessly bridges the gap between sample and mass spectrometer. By overcoming a major instrumentation bottleneck, SPion™ offers endless opportunities for scientists and researchers to develop and introduce new generations of advanced front end peripheral technologies for mass spectrometry that were not possible to develop before, including a variety of probes, multimodal imaging stations, and sample preparation product suites for research and industrial markets, such as environmental, clean energy, water analysis, pharmaceutical, and healthcare.


We have received significant interest regarding SPion™ technology and we are working tirelessly to get this technology to the hands of those who are solving the world’s most important problems,” said Mazdak Taghioskoui, Ph.D., Trace Matters’ CEO and the inventor of the technology. “The successful proof-of-principle demonstration of this technology marks an important milestone in maturing the technology towards commercialization, and we are grateful to our colleagues at Thermo Fisher for their participation in this collaborative effort.” This collaboration also allowed Trace Matters to successfully construct and test the interface for Thermo Fisher’s mass spectrometers, which are widely used in many applications.


The results for the proof-of-principle demonstration have been made available via a technical note published by Trace Matters Scientific available at


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Trace Matters is a technology startup focused on developing the next generation of mass spectrometry technologies for a variety of demanding applications. Trace Matters technologies include innovative mass spectrometry hardware, methods, and applications to solve the most demanding mass spectrometry analysis needs in various industries. For more information, visit



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